International Patients Facilities

Over the past decade, India has emerged as the world’s leading destination for affordable yet outstanding healthcare services. The Nova medical group, with its multi-specialty medical care in leading cities across India, is perfectly poised to meet their needs. As per the most recent estimates, around 250,000 foreigners fly to India for medical treatments every year. They require international standards of cleanliness, hygiene, infrastructure and trained and experienced doctors. Bharath, with its dedicated international patient service team, facilitates patients to a center that is most convenient for them.

International patients are pre-screened for existing medical conditions and are suggested courses of treatment, along with cost estimates. Upon arrival, a Bharath international patient relation officer is assigned to the patient throughout his/her stay in India. Bharath offers services that take care of the patient’s medical, personal and logistical needs – right from greeting them at the airport and handling registrations up till his/her discharge. Bharath provides quality healthcare for patients from all over the world .The international patient services team ensures that at the time of discharge you receive the right information, including translated materials and consolidated bills. The team will also discuss and plan your follow-up visits and future treatment needs in your home country.

International patient services

At Bharath, we realize that International Patients looking for treatment in India have special needs and requirements. In order to provide a specialized service, we offer seamless patient services as per international standards. From the warmth of our greeting at the airport, to the speed of registration and smoothness of discharge, we have set unparalleled service standards across the country.

Visa assistance

Once you confirm your visit to our facility for medical treatment, we will send a visa invitation letter to the Indian Embassy in your country. A copy of the letter will be marked to you.
Please send us the following details via email if you want us to send a visa requisition letter to the Indian Embassy in your country:

  • Patient’s name and passport number
  • Medical attendant (Care takers) name and passport number
  • Country

Note :
If you are travelling on a medical visa, you are required to register at the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office within 14 days of your arrival. Our team will help you with all these formalities. Patients from Pakistan and Bangladesh are required to register with the nearest Police Station or Police Commissioner’s office within 24 hours of arrival. Refer to your Visa/ Transit document for instructions. Please bring 10 passport size photographs with you for the above formalities.

Payment Options

You can pick to choose any of the below payment methods

1.Wire Transfer

Transfer money directly from your bank account to Bharath Hospitals Bank Account. It takes about 7 working days for the funds to be credited. Send us the scanned copy of the swift transfer receipt. This will be used to help you settle your bill. On discharge, any excess amount will be refunded to you and any shortfall will have to be paid in cash.

Note :
We will send you our bank details on request
The transferred amount cannot be used for bill settlement unless you provide us with a copy of the wire transfer receipt.

2.Direct payment at the hospital

Pay your hospital bill at the hospital directly through cash or credit cards.

Note :
We accept all major credit cards like VISA, MASTER Cards
We accept payment for inpatient services in US Dollars

Flight arrangements and extensions

Just in case you will be needed to overstay or if you have finished your treatment in advance, our travel desk will help you in Flight arrangements or extensions as per your need.

Airport transfer service

On receiving your information of arrival, our International Patients Services Team will be arranging a cab which will pick you up from the airport and reach you safely to our destination hospital.

Scheduling of all medical appointments

Our International Patient Services team will help you with scheduling appointments with your doctors. You can also use the Book an appointment online.

Cost estimates for anticipated treatment

After reviewing your medical reports our team of doctors will diagnose your ailment and recommend a course of treatment. Based on this, we will then estimate the cost of treatment. The cost estimation service is free for you. However, one arrival detailed investigation and clinical evaluation will be done to confirm the treatment plan given. Click here to get an estimate.

Booking of hotels/service apartments

Depending on your budget, we can arrange accommodation for you and your attendant close to the hospital at nearby guest houses, service apartments or 5-star hotels.

Providing language translators

Our hospital staffs are familiar with English, Hindi and the local Indian language. We can arrange for translators if necessary.

Privileged Assistance during Stay

Our International Patient Services team will smoothen your stay at every stage, from the moment you arrive till you go back. They will:

  • Fix the initial consultation with the doctor(s)
  • Schedule standard pre-surgical tests required
  • Explain your pre/post-surgical medication to you
  • Make sure you get a comprehensive written medical report on discharge
  • Organize daily email updates to your referring doctor and your family back home
Special dietary needs/Religious arrangements

We are sensitive to specific requirements and will gladly provide the following on request:

  • Isolation on Fridays for those of the Jewish faith
  • Tie up with African/Middle East Cuisine Food Chains for special dietary requirements
  • Prayer mats in the rooms for Muslims
News and information updates for relatives back at home

The Guest Relations Executive assigned to you will update your referral doctor and arrange to connect you with your family to let them know about your progress. We can also arrange for local SIM cards on request for you to connect to your folks back home. Hospital/Guest Rooms will be Wi-Fi enabled and you can connect by either Skype or Viber.

Foreign exchange

Based on your requirement we can also arrange for necessary foreign exchange for your spends in India for special needs.