Department of Radiology

Bharath Hospital has added another golden feature to its cap, by opening Bharath Scans- acentre for comprehensive diagnostic imaging and image guided interventions. This is a multimodality radiological imaging centre which can boldly boast of several “First Ever” features in Kottayam.Technological advances in medical field is happening at a lightning speed.But the down side of this good development is the mounting cost of health care.Bharath Hospital has always strived to usher in the best and the latest technology in each field of medicine and has always aimed to bring its benefits to the doorsteps of common man, “ Innovative treatment at affordable cost” is our guiding motto.Bharath Hospital believes in upholding this policy with Bharath Scans as well.Round the clock availability of radiologist and prompt and precise reporting of findings avoids any unnecessary delays in establishing a diagnosis and initiating the correct management. Our radiologists are available round the clock with online reporting of imaging results which can be send to referring physicians at the click of a mouse. We are sure that the availability of such an advanced multimodality Imaging and Radiological centre at the heart of Kottayam will be a blessing to several patients.

Bharath Scans- Several ‘First Ever’ features in Kottayam.

  • Latest state of the art 1.5T MRI scan with cardiac imaging
  • MR Mammography .
  • Dexa Scan (Bone Density Scan)
  • Digital Mammography.
  • 4D/2D Ultrasound Scan or Doppler

These are the some of the unique features of Bharath Scans apart from the routine traditional imaging modalities.

Our Equipments include

  • GE 1.5 T optima MRI scanner
  • GE DMR Plus Digital Mammography
  • GE – Computer Radiography
  • GE Voluson Pro.4D/ 2D Ultrasound Scan with Doppler
  • GE Brivo- Multislice CT
  • GE DPX NP – Dexa scan

Services offered:

Our Equipments include

Our Doctors

  • Name
  • Dr. Dr. Jyothish George MBBS, MD(RD)
  • Dr. Jebin Ibrahim